She Rides Him

Tristan Berrimore

Tristan, is a young, winsome, brunette, temptress, who is sunbathing topless, by the pool, when her mother’s boyfriend stops by, looking for the absent mother, and is taken aback, seeing Tristan, sunning her perfectly formed breasts, with their pierced nipples. Enjoying the flustered effect, that her supple bosom, is having upon him, she takes the matter in hand, ignoring his flabbergasted resistance, she extricates his cock, from his pants, as she revels in, gluttonously, savoring sucking, his stoney, demon cock, with sluttish, verve and elation. Afraid of being seen, they move, into the bedroom, where she mounts his imposing member, in cowgirl, as her first class ass, robustly humps him, while moaning and wailing, in paradisaical exultation. Once in doggie, she moans and howls, with demonly, feral, fervor, as he ferociously pounds, his monster cock into her, with savage fury, until she explodes, in a screaming, rapturous orgasm. After luxuriating, in sucking her slut sauce, from his dork, and delighting, in the manly face fucking, that he gives her, she frenziedly slams her shaved cunt, crowned with a closely cropped, soul patch, onto his lofty tool, while moaning and yelping, in sluttish jubilation, as a massive, screaming orgasmic tsunami rips through her. He continues, barbarously pummeling her pussy, in spoon and missionary, as he writhes, moans, and squeals, in an intoxicated dick revelry, until he pulls out, to spray his joy juice, all over her pussy.