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Two into One WILL Go! featuring Via Lasciva

Via’s a tall, slender, lovely, young, blonde nymph, with creamy white skin, and tasty tiny tits, whom two burly painters decide to take a break with, making her body their canvas, as they create a portrait of unbridled primal passion unleashed. She quickly succumbs to their amorous advances, and is soon naked kissing one, while the other licks her bald honey pot, eliciting her elated euphoric moans. With her passions set ablaze, she kneels before them, voraciously sucking their steely shafts, with wolfish hunger, doing her best to take every stoney inch down her throat. Moving into doggie, one stud fucks her mouth, while the other pounds her pussy, as her muffled ecstatic moans fill the room. Switching orifices, she energetically rides one towering tool in cowgirl, while sucking the other greedily, moaning, and crying out in orgiastic exultation. One stud moves from her mouth, to pounding his prodigious prick up her ass, while his buddy fucks her pussy, this DP is like throwing gasoline on a fire, catapulting her into an altered state of moaning wailing sexual delirium. She spins around into anal reverse cowgirl, so that the other guy can sampler her tight ass, while she sucks her ass juice off of his friend’s schlong, before he brutishly plows it into her ravenous pussy, to continue double penetrating her with passionate zeal, until they pull out, spray painting thier goo all over her face, and into her mouth, covering her with a copious coating of cum.

Length: 26 Minutes Pics: 168