Slut Takes a Good Boning

Nikki Sexx

Nikki’s a toned, tanned, blond sex goddess, dressed only in hot pink bikini, with the sluttish looks of a true cock-addicted, sex crazed slut. She begins by giving us a nasty-talking introduction with a voice that’s so hot it could melt butter. When her hunky co-star enters, she can’t get his pants off fast enough, and she satiates her oral cravings by giving his rock-hard, monster cock a breathtaking blowjob. She truly gets off deep throating every inch of this monumental meat missile and is seemingly sent into an altered state of slut-reverie as it tickles her tonsils. Nikki has a body built for sin, with phenomenal tits and ass that are well displayed as she gives the guy a spirited ride in cowgirl. In an alternate reality, where no means yes, she begs him to be gentle with her, complaining that his cock is sooooo big, but is then slamming her cunt down onto his demon dick with the ferocity of an unchained, wild, feral demon, as she cums like a bat of hell, unleashing a never ending stream of orgasms. Inspired by her multiple screaming, gut-wrenching Big O’s, he fully throws her down in missionary so he can lay siege to her hungry harlot’s hole like it was the Charge of the Light Brigade, pounding her muff into oblivion, which her screaming orgasms reveal is exactly what she truly desires, despite her statements to the contrary. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much. Claiming to need a break, she mounts him in reverse cowgirl to take control but is soon frenetically fingering her pretty, shaved pussy while slamming herself down onto his prodigious power tool as hard, if not harder, than he was slamming it into her. After taking a brief interlude, to savor sucking her sweet nectar off of his demon cock, she moves into doggie, so that he can fuck her like the bitch in heat that she is. This is probably the one woman in the world where no does mean yes, as evidenced by her saying that she can’t take anymore, that his cock is too big, then cumming like a screaming banshee, yelling, “yes, yes, yes, I love it, your cock feels so good, make me take it”, as he pile drives his jumbo Johnson into her garden of carnal lust. After moving back into another raucous cowgirl, they finish in missionary, where he finally pulls out to blow a titanic load into her mouth and all over her face, much to her delight. Aglow in the gooey aftermath and obviously proud of her accomplishment, she fingers his splooge off of her face and then sucks her fingers clean, savoring every bit of gooey goodness and proving that Nikki’s earlier claim to be a true slut and proud of it was no brag, just a fact. Warning, this scene is so hot, do have any flammable substances in the room when viewing it, for your own safety.

Categories: Hardcore

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