Kris Is A Stunning Cum Craving Anal Goddess

Kris The Fox

Kris is a stunning, glamorous, young, lissome, tiny titted, fiery, brunette, sexual siren. Feeling feisty, she hides under her man’s desk, to surprise him, which she does. He responds, by giving her a thorough tongue lashing, laying her back, on his desk, as he ardently licks and fingers, her bald, honeyed hole, while she writhes and moans rhapsodically. With her passions ignited, she ravenously savors sucking his colossal cock, with , demonish hunger, gusto, glee, and masterful, oral prowess. Laying her on his desk, he fervidly drives his steely shaft into her, as she moans, and cries out, in libidinous exultation. While he sits in his chair, she exuberantly bounces her torrid twat, onto his towering tool, in cowgirl, moaning, and wailing, in licentious jubilation. Leaning her over his desk, in standing doggie, he vehemently drills his titanic tool into her ass, making her swoon, as she moans, and yelps, with unbridled, prurient passions Moving back to the chair, he fiercely fires his meat missile into her ass, in reverse cowgirl, launching her into a moaning, shrieking, cock-crazed delirium. Knowing what she craves, as she kneels before him, he unleashes a downpour of creamy cum, that rains down upon her face, leaving her, with a gorgeous, gooey Mona Lisa smile.

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