Aletta Is A Ravishing Anal Maven

Aletta Ocean

Aletta’s a bewitching, statuesque, raven haired, Goddess. Playing a super, sexy secretary, who wants a raise, she unveils her divine tits, enslaving her boss, to service her fiery passions. Paying oral homage, to her carnal dominion, over him, he earnestly licks and fingers her bald, honeyed hole, as she moans ecstatically. Then, she voraciously sucks his big dick, with rapacious, sluttish avarice, verve, and adept, oral virtuosity, as she effortlessly deepthroats him, balls deep. Needing more, she mounts his pleasure pole, in cowgirl, as her fabulous, firm, round ass, zealously humps him, while she moans and cries out, in lascivious exultation. Continuing her wanton ride, in reverse cowgirl, she savagely slams her ravenous cunt, onto his stout shaft, while bellowing and bawling, in libidinous jubilation. She then, lays on her side, as he brutishly drive his beef baton, into her ass, while she fingers her clit, moaning and wailing, with unbridled, primal passions. Then, he barbarically slams his steely shaft, into her ass, in doggie, as she demands, that he fucks her harder, moaning and howling, like an insatiable bitch in heat, as her screaming, banshee like orgasm erupts. Watching this sublime Goddess, ferociously humping him, in anal cowgirl, as a screaming, gut wrenching orgasmic tsunami engulfs her, is an awe inspiring sight, to behold. For the tasty finale, she masterfully sucks his cock clean, of her ass juice, until he spews his joy juice, into her mouth.

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