Celeste and Sophia Dine At The Y

Celeste Star, Sophia Jade

Celeste is a steamy, red hot, brunette, sex machine, with a toned, taut body, playing a clothing designer interviewing Sophie, a lusty, black haired, luscious lesbian, with a soft, supple body, for a job. As Sophia tries on sexy outfits, one thing leads to another, until Celeste is kissing, caressing, licking, and fingering her, with aggressive, Sapphic passion, bending her over, into standing doggie, as Celeste expertly fingers her quivering quim, while spanking her ass hard, to elicit her elated euphoric moans. She then, lays her back, on the couch, expertly licking, and titillating her twat, that is topped, with a furry landing strip, while she writhes, moans and wails, in wanton jubilation, as a torrent, of screaming, gut wrenching orgasm engulf her. They move into a torrid 69, for a mutual lickfest, making each other moan and cry. out, in lecherous exultation. With Sophia leaning over the couch, Celeste crawls under her, licking and furiously finger fucking her, to mine, multiple, explosive, screaming, soul wrenching orgasms, from her. Wanting to give back, Sophia dives into Celeste fur burger, licking and fingering her pussy and asshole in earnest as she moans and wails in salacious jubilation, while manifold, earth shaking, exorcism worthy, screaming orgasms burst forth.


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