Claudia Sits On Fat Cock

Claudia Valentine

Claudia’s a hot n’ horny, mature, blonde, big boobed, tattooed strumpet, who yearns for young cock. She convinces her young stud to strip down, so that she can voraciously suck his rigid rod, with gluttony, gusto, and glee. He returns the favor, with a tongue, like an electric eel on speed, earnestly eating his way, to her heart, as she moans euphorically. He then, diligently drives his beefy battering ram, into her bald, man trap, in missionary, as she moans and gasps, in libidinous exultation. Moving into spoon, he ardently drills his dauntless dong into her, as she begs for more, moaning and crying out, in debauched jubilation. Mounting his pleasure pole in cowgirl, she goes for a raucous ride, moaning and wailing, with impassioned ardor, as she races towards her lascivious Avalon. She greedily sucks her slut sauce, from his dingus, before resuming her wild ride, in reverse cowgirl, frantically rubbing her clit, as she furiously slams her greedy cunt onto him, bellowing and bawling, with unrestrained, primal passions, as she explodes in a screaming, body convulsing orgasm. Once in doggie, he intensely pounds his potent prick into her, as she moans and yelps ecstatically. Then, feeling artistically inspired, he spray paints her face, with a liberal slathering of cum, leaving her happily, glazed, and dazed.

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